Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Other Life

 Do you ever want to run away?  
Or escape to the parallel life of your dreams?

   I've always had recurring 'beam me up' fantasies of instant transport to a lush tropical island: A place where no one can find me. All my needs are met. Sunshine, abundant fruit on shady branches, sparking waves, innocence, freedom, beauty, respectful wildlife, and all the amenities I could possibly desire!     
   This 'other life' has nurtured me simply by drawing (energetically) from the bounty of my imagination. Recently, however, it occurred to me that this idyllic 'perfect life' might not be the panacea I've counted upon--if it actually happened. So I tried it out. My wish has finally come true! Sometimes life gives us something even better than our dreams. I invite you to join me on my 'island' for 7 days, right now. Step into this actual wonderland and see what you think... 

 What might your dream look like?
Maybe a secluded island 
a lively gathering 
with music and campfire circles . . .
Total freedom . . . 

All your dreams come true?

My island has a tropical garden
with a little pink house 
tucked into a secret corner.

Come inside; there's hot tea and pomegranate soda!

The secret loft is warm and cozy. 
(Shall I open the hidden stairway?)

It's attic window has magical powers!

You can spy on the living room down below.

Maybe you would like to sit and check your email?

Its only a short walk to town from my island.
Over the railroad tracks, down the hill, 
to the sweet little village shops.

 When we get back I'll show you the outdoor shower
 surrounded by palms, sunshine and flowers! 

I learned how to tie my towel just like the island girls! 

If you're tired, here's the bed where you can rest.

Or maybe a window seat?  Something to read?

A glorious sunset is brewing out on the deck!


Shall we take a stroll to the nearby ocean cliffs?

on beauty?
delicious air?

 Or watch harbor boats glide out for their sunset sail?
. . . Mesmerized by the miracle of light . . .

---then head back for a snack as evening cools
and toast your feet before the cozy fire.

It's the little things that make life precious. Art. Beauty. A special touch that melts the heart. Fresh flowers. All the colors of the rainbow...

Daytime fades as shadows settle
amidst the brilliant play
 of changing hues, 


the glow of lamp, or flame.

Each day ends with my favorite ritual:
savoring peace
and a friendly book. 

 . . . as bed awaits, my spirit rests in gratitude.

Please come back to visit any time you like!