Thursday, December 15, 2011

Promise and Loss

"Don't peer over, just Leap!" says Life,
"It's Now or Never." Paralyzed at the edge
fear whispers: Nothing can be ignored.

Irresistible images flirt
steal center-stage with shameless glee, 
certain to capture our very soul.

Sand castles gleam, splash, promise
Everything can be ignored. But--if we 
trust time--eternal sunshine never arrives.

Haunted by Winter Landscapes of Loss
already gone--fist open; fist closed
slipped through our fingers. What holds on?

Heart-tendrils spring from empty space 
criss cross, mesmerize and ignore
the nothing that's everything.

What is seen forgets how it came—beaming
through prisms AS Seeing, itself—since
'What you’re looking for IS What’s Looking'.

Not knowing THIS leads us through landscapes
where loss and promise take turns
holding our hand until we leap.

Stephanie Laura