Monday, November 25, 2013

Connection Threads

What actually happens when we feel excited, afraid, inhibited, or impelled by desire? In any room where there is a power-play going on, or flirting, a dynamic conversation, an argument, or quiet observation: we have a blend of very different fields of energy. If we could turn the picture into a representation of the actual waves, that comprise the people and the objects in the room; if our visual impression were to consist of these waveforms, instead of the solid bodies, present in that space, what would we see?

Have you ever wondered what your own energy field might look like, if it were suddenly revealed to anyone who wanted to see it?

A most interesting array of colors, shapes, and substances would be seen colliding, merging, yielding, expanding, contracting, floating, flying, and continually changing form. Each impulse surfacing from some innate source, would swirl forth like living paint, creating the canvas of Life. But if all these various colors and forms refuse to stay put, they would simply spread, run, blend and bleed, unrestrained and fluid, until the original colors had totally ceased to exist and like a kalidescope, the ever-changing shapes and combinations, would continue to fascinate and compel the observant eye with their shapeshifting dance.

Between any two people who feel connected to one another, there is a chord, which vibrates. Invisible to most (except for those who can see energy fields). These 'connection threads' display the energetic vibrations, which actually pull these individuals together; and release them as they move apart. This thread consists of waves, (strings of light and energy being sent and received). Such waves can be felt, and they do change the shared fields of energy itself. The two separate energy fields will join and there will be a new, third field, created, as well. If we could SEE these chords of connection, they might seem like intertwined threads.

Being linked by touch, or through any of our senses, each individual will actually experience a sensation of 'the other' running through their being. We've all known how it feels to hear something another person tells us and immediately have a jolt of excitement, fear, aversion, or love, course through our body. Our entire being registers it, much like the voltage current that moves through electrical cords. There is power behind the energy of existing.

Such 'connection' can happen from across the room. It can occur as a result of a gaze from eye-to-eye; a tone that vibrates after someone speaks--or even more strongly and inexplicably, as a heartache or a memory that elicits hormones, which rush through our blood stream and tingle along our nerve tracks.

Whenever this happens there are no longer merely 2 separate, distinct individuals. There are 3 entities now: the energetic field of connection itself is a force field. It is created out of the interaction. In a room where the connection occurs, the 2 people can walk out of the room, yet, those who are sensitive, may walk into the room afterward, and FEEL the energy that remains: the third thing, which was created by the merging of two separate fields of energy. IT can affect the room and those nearby, as the vibrations of the recent interaction hang in the air.

This is not imaginary. It is scientific fact. Simply because not all people can SEE energy fields, does not negate their existence. Those who are well aware of the power inherent in any connection, also strongly realize the importance of choosing which sort of energy one is willing to experience. This insight affects everything from choice of workplace, housemates, partners, and places, that one is willing (or not willing) to inhabit. A place carries an innate energy. A room may have it's basic energy level temporarily affected by someone who had an angry outburst there. A moment of tenderness and compassion can fill a room with soothing vibes, with an actual real and detectable impact on any occupants.

The more aware we become of such factors, the more conscious we grow about our own ability--and choice--to remain open to the energy, wherever we find ourselves, or to intentionally protect ourselves from unhealthy forces. It would be an entirely new and complex topic to explore what sort of options and approaches exist toward such self-preservation.

Even if this is not something we have directly considered, there is an innate, unconscious tendency to monitor energy fields and readjust our own way of relating or behaving, in order to feel balanced and safe. There is the matter of 'giving & receiving', which plays a big part, as well. The more individuals we have in one space, the more complex the interplay of energetic fields will become. We often see this in a group where a strong advocate tries to protect someone who is being bullied or coerced by a more powerful or dominant individual.

If we could see the actual waves in a room, where people are busy interacting, with a wide range of 'types' and a mixture of harmony and disharmony--it would be quite a colorful and perhaps chaotic canvas of shapes and form.