Thursday, December 9, 2010

Turning Inside Out: Earth to Us...

Reaching each other is instantaneous now. 
Visiting any spot on our globe is just 'a click away'.

When I was 2 years old people began to watch TV in their living rooms. 'The Outside World' entered our homes through a small window, inside of a wooden box. It was a black & white world (much like the one we actually lived in!) with a smattering of shows, aired over a couple of stations.

Now, with one click of a finger we can access unlimited possibility! The sky is no longer the limit! Instead of a dial to change channels; there's a keyboard we can tap. We may 'ask for' whatever we want. ANYTHING AT ALL!!!

Right now, (6 decades later) I am soaring over the surface of our magnificent planet at helicopter level! I can literally FEEL the whoosh of movement within my cells! Experiencing this, I'm blindsided by a stunning insight! With a shock, I realized all of a sudden: 

This is WHAT I am! 

Not merely what we are made of, but quite literally WHAT we are: 'Dirt & Water', that can get up and walk around!'

Without moving from my desk chair, I found my way to an internet site, belonging to a 21 year old man, whom I will never meet, nor come to know. He compiled a 'program' that took me on a tour, which I will never forget.

Instantly, amazing video footage brought the palpable sensation of water, stone, wind and fire, vibrantly alive inside of my own Being. I felt dizzy soaring over such vivid, looming, rapidly moving scenery. I 'became' each image that unfolded before my eyes. To view this series is to enter into what you already are! If you let yourself Fall Into these images, they will move through you; they will overpower the abstract realm of Mind.

His post was compiled of excerpts, taken from an 11-part series that truly presents "earth as you’ve never seen it before" ****. It took four years and 2000 days to make this series; filmed in 204 locations across 62 countries on our unique globe.  

I had originally included a link to this lovely video montage, but had to remove it, due to copyright violation. I do understand why such laws exist. And yet, I also feel sad that such an artfully arranged 'snippet view', which made it possible to taste the essence, of this vast production, cannot be shared any longer.

Each image drew me deep into the experience of sensing these amazing cosmic elements within--and AS--my very Being. The lovely music cradled me in the pulsing vibration of Lifeforce herself. How awesome to deeply experience our interconnectedness! 

Let me know when you're free and we'll have a party to take a tour of our lovely planet together, over popcorn! I do have the entire 6-disc DVD set now, so we can explore the whole sweepingly miraculous wonderland! We won't be able to have a 'FLYING overglimpse' that samples tidbits of everything--to preview all 7 hours. But we will take our time to explore it all bit by bit...

*** (credit for photo of planet earth)

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