Sunday, January 2, 2011

Like Baby's Breath

It’s not true
that people will like me
only if
they cannot see who I am.
 Its not true
(even though I always thought it was)

There’s no one there
for them to see
anyway. And
I have to be
what I am given to be.

Which, in this instant
is HERE. Fully open
utterly available
taken anew in each moment
by waves 
of unending Love.

If others feel uneasy
with this Vast
S p a c i o u s 
Life Force,
Why is it my job
to shield them?
What am I saving them from?
Who is being served?
What do I think I am? 

Stephanie Laura


  1. Beautiful, heartfelt words.

    "...I have to be what I am given to be..."

    Yes, yes. Why does this simple thing take us so, so long to learn? I'm still learning.

    "...Why is it my job to save them? And what am I saving them from?"

    Questions I've had to ask myself, as well. And, Save who?

  2. Thanks Dee, I'm still learning too. So grateful for these glimpse-moments (when distractedness falls away). I can only cherish such 'windows', whenever they open. And keep welcoming the questions . . . glad it resonated for you! Your final query rumbled around for awhile--until it took root--requiring me to revise the poem. Who indeed?!!!

  3. Thanks Amitabhan, I know that you appreciate the 'territory'. I am very grateful for your comment.


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