Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to get what I want

. . .  IF . . . 

If I want
'the right’
to exist
 as I am 

let me behave
as if

others have
 ‘the right’
to exist 
as they are.

(is there any difference?)

~ ~ ~

Stephanie Laura


  1. Reminds me of an Adya quote I had as a sig line at a favorite website for awhile. Something like: Until you can give the whole world its freedom, you'll never find your own (freedom). It's difficult for the self to allow such openness!

  2. Yes, perhaps one of the most difficult challenges we face is to recognize that this 'other' is not separate from ourself. I'm finding that each tiny act of 'giving the world its freedom' turns out to be not so much 'for them' as it is 'for me'! This impuse seems to loosen the hold that the 'trance of division' has upon my belief system.


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