Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I want to wear something that
expresses nothing, in particular,
suggests nothing, in particular,
and defines nothing, in particular. 

Can a piece of clothing refrain 
from embellishing style, genre, or image?
De-Emphasize the particular?

What sort of fabric, color, and design
is not 'particular? I want a 'fit' that won't try
to hide, describe or convey.

What might entice the mirror to reflect ‘NOTHING’?  
How accurate is a mirror when it only offers
an endless series of "SOMETHINGS"?  
Do we notice the fissure this creates? 
The way it ruptures the unruffled surface 
of tranquil absence?

How Illusion wrinkles innate Presence 
and populates    E m p t y   S t i l l n e s s  
with hallicunations?

When clothing continues to promote 
an image, where none is sought, wanted, 
helpful, or true—then what? 

It's quite tempting to seek stuff that blends in 
or find clothing that broadcasts bulletins like:

“Ignore this person—‘she’ isn’t really here anyway
please look elsewhere if seeking someone
who’s anything at all.” 

But I know that’s not ‘it’ either. 
What  ‘IT’  is, 
I do not know.

I only know that NOTHING inside my closet ‘feels right’ 
and the very idea of “right” fails to fit anything I try on.
There’s a sense of ‘no not quite that...' But
no reason why ‘this sense’ is so. 
It just is.

I keep scanning for another sense;
One of ‘Yes, this will do.’  Some sign 
that such signals might exist. Confirmation
that IT can inhabit every smidgen of Beingness.
How long must I wonder? 

Meanwhile, what do I wear ?

Stephanie Laura            


  1. WOW..!! Beautiful, my friend. The only thing I can see, is to stand completely naked...

    Thank you

  2. Thank you, Dee, for this Alanis Morissette link. I've always loved this particular music video. Its so perfect for this piece!! and watching it again, I had forgotten about the light body that she reaches out with fascination to explore. LOVELY! The innocence and refreshingly honest appreciation, shown here, is the exact spirit of this poem!


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