Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mirrors on a Revolving Door

 wants embrace, not resistance

is no reason to feel shame

wants attention, not banishment

can take clever detours

 may be an addictive substance

with certainty is one way to cling

is necessarily what it seems

~ ~ ~ 

Everything and everyone is a Messenger facing us like a full length mirror on both sides of a revolving door, whose every image reflects the one friend we fear above all else: LIFE! 

How often do we stop before the mirror? Behold what we see, exactly as it is in just this instant? Then, simply take the leap: Open ourselves to its territory. Or not?

The oppportunity is ours. We deny such opportunity to show up, at our own peril. There's no right/wrong choice. Each and every juncture is a golden moment of possibility. 

It's just that  n o t i c i n g  can open a doorway, which might otherwise be overlooked. 

It may be an obvious 'yes' or an obvious 'no'. It may be uncertainty (another totally valid doorway). The secret is: it really isn't actually up to us, at all!

If we show up, if we are 'there for the moment', if we register THIS--really fully register every single 'this', that we encounter--with our entire being, then LIFE itself is what sees through our eyes. And the 'me' who might have felt 'on the spot' is relieved of any pressure. 

True 'noticing' is a sort of seeing, whereby 'the me' is seen through, just as 'the you' is seen through. And what's left is LIFEFORCE meeting itself, in the 10,000 forms IT takes.

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