Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Whidbey Island Snippets to Share!


"We become visible and real when we give our gift 

"and stop waiting for the gift to be given to us

"We wake into our lives Again
—as if for the first time 

"laying to rest what previously had no home

"through beginning to speak, beginning to make real, 

"and beginning to live,

"those elements living inside us that long to move 

  "from the invisible to the visible"

   (above captions quoted from the writings of David Whyte)*

Sometimes, in order to become visible, we need to make a radical departure from our known, familiar reality. This vacation was designed to transport me into a totally different realm. When 'going thru the motions' begins to feel more like turning into stone, it is LIFE's way of demanding a Wake-Up Call !!!

After pouring over websites about 'Whidbey Island' (legendary homeland of renowned poet, David Whyte) I decided to go see these Elysian Fields for myself. After booking a flight, finding the perfect place to stay, and making an appointment for a private session to create my own piece of hand-blown glass upon arrival, I flew to Seattle. Boarding the Ferry boat and crossing the Mists of Avalon, on my way to the island was the peak moment of a sacred pilgrimage. 

The lovely hand-painted sign not only welcomed me--but ushered me directly into the pages of a brightly illustrated children's picture book. I become innocent again, stepping into Aliveness through this passageway to freedom, in a magic land where anything might happen!

From the enchanted Alleyways of Langely (a first grade reader village) to the picturesque harbor on Cultus Bay, setting foot on the Island brought dreamland vividly to life. My daily trek to town--from a home base overlooking sailboats docked beneath my deck--illustrated the array of delightful scenery painted across the pages of my storybook village adventure.

Disembarking from that Ferryboat, a Sanctuary of Permission embraced me, opening into refuge, delight and encouragement. Something was bestowed, which remains with me still, and the faces, places, and adventures, continue to gladden my life. It was much more than 'just a vacation'. Turns out my intuition about Whidbey Island was true. I have carried home a sparkling joy that will remain alive within my cells forever.   

This is but a tiny peek into the splendors of this magic isle. 

*( Haunted: Version II.  ~  From the reader's circle essay series ©2012 )

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